Vontobel Limited Turbos


Achieve maximum results with minimal investment

  • Limited Turbos combine the features of certificates witout limitations to maturity and the leverage effect of warrants.
  • Investors only need to commit a small investment to participate on the leveraged performance of the underlying Instrument.
  • Investors participate disproportionately  from positive and negative performance of the underlying Instrument.
  • Limited Turbos are featured with a Knock-Out Barrier. The breach of the Knock-Out Barrier will lead to the total loss of the invested capital. Compared to Futures and Options as well as CFDs there is no call for additional financial cover. 
  • The strike level which is equal to the Knock-Out Barrier does not change over the lifetime of the product.


Vontobel Limited Turbos 


Characteristics of Limited Turbos

  • No volatility risk
  • Transparent Pricing due to comprehensive product documentation. Cash Amount = (Valuation Price - Current Strike) / Ratio
  • Breach of the Knock-Out Barrier will lead to the total loss of capital


Risks of Limited Turbos

  • Due to the leverage the investor has a theoretical unlimited upside participation but also has to face on the downside the risk of a total loss.
  • A Barrier Event occurs if the observation price touches or falls below the Knock-Out Barrier during the observation period. In case of a Barrier breach, the Limited Turbos expires worthless immediately.


Influencing factors on the price of a Limited Turbo