Vontobel Turbos


Achieve maximum results with minimal investment

  • Turbos combine the features of certificates without limitations to maturity and the leverage effect of warrants.
  • Investors commit a small investment to participate on the leveraged performance of the underlying instrument.
  • Investors participate disproportionately  from positive and negative performance of the underlying instrument.
  • Turbos are featured with a Stop Loss Barrier. The breach of the Stop Loss Barrier will lead to the total loss of the invested capital. Compared to Futures and Options as well as CFDs there is no call for additional financial cover. 
  • To take into account the current market developments the Stop Loss Barrier rebalances at least once a month.


Vontobel Turbos 


Characteristics of Turbos

  • No volatility risk
  • Transparent Pricing due to comprehensive product documentation. Cash Amount = (Valuation Price - Current Strike) / Ratio
  • No predefined term to expiration due to daily strike adjustments and monthly adjustments of Stop Loss Barrier
  • Breach of the Stop Loss Barrier will lead to the total loss of capital


Risks of Turbos

  • Due to the leverage the investor has a theoretical unlimited upside participation but also has to face on the downside the risk of a total loss.
  • A Barrier Event occurs if the observation price touches or falls below the Stop-Loss Barrier during the observation period. The possibility cannot be excluded that the cash amount, which the investor receives on the occurrence of a Barrier event, especially in the case of a rapidly falling price of the underlying, may be zero.


Influencing factors on the price of a Turbo